21 July 2017

Check meowt

Decided to sew something on a whim from my large stash of fabrics and it turned out to be this polka dot cat fabric.

Familiar? Why yes, I literally used it only two projects ago! Since I used half of the original amount previously, I felt a little limited by what I could do, but managed to eek out a shirt.

I used an existing casual long sleeve button down as my template. As expected, I didn't have enough fabric to make full sleeves so I made them short. I probably should have feminized it by making it sleeveless but oh well. I suppose I'll save this for when my hair has grown out a bit longer (or not!)

The toughest part for me was making buttonholes since I've never had to do them before. You'd expect them to be easy since the machine has the capability for performing it, but having to adjust the tension and then nearly running out of my thread...I wasn't particularly pleased. However, the buttons and buttonholes are functional and that's all that matters. 😂

09 October 2016

Reversible dress

Basically it's in the title. I was cruising through instagram and saw a sponsored post of a floral 3/4 sleeve knit dress and decided to make one for myself. The floral knits were a bit limited and the fabric I got was slightly too thin to be made without a lining so...reversible dress, it is! 


Details: long sleeves, boat neck, a-line dress. As usual, no pattern. The only thing I wished I could alter is the armpit size. Maybe my shoulders/arms are bigger than I expect? There's also a bit of excess fabric in the back but I wouldn't be able to take it in unless I had a long zipper and it looked decent with a belt. Without, it seems a bit too matronly in my opinion. 

Yay for more work-appropriate clothes!

24 April 2016

Cat Lady Polka Dot

I saw a pair of pom pom shorts a few months ago and knew I wanted to make a pair. I'd been mulling on how to make them and drew out a design when I found other people had done the same thing AND made sweet tutorials!

Fabric: COTTON + STEEL: Cat Lady by Sarah Watts

The yarn ball fabric will be made into something else...haven't drawn out my pattern yet, though. 

The typical pom pom short is kind of like gym/beach board shorts in my opinion, but my fabric wasn't really pulling off that vibe and I like to have more functional clothing so I added pockets!

I was told by my friend D that these look like PJ shorts. Even so, I wore them out in public. My daily work clothes are practically PJs so might as well continue that trend, right?

Weekend exploring Houston with a visiting friend :)

27 March 2016

Happy Easter!

So, I decided to make a dress for Easter. Generally, all the items I make are self-drafted/taken from items I already own but this time, I decided to try out a pattern. I don't really recall how I found this one, but *shrugs*

Alteration: Neckline increased by 2 inches because I thought it was too deep of a cut. In retrospect, I think I should have let it be because now it limits the necklaces I can wear and caused some bunching in the midline. Also, I totally measured myself wrong/cut out a larger pattern size than I actually fit so there was a lot of seam ripping and alterations before I was mostly satisfied with the result. 

I'm usually not one for frills, but the sleeve detail seemed interesting so I kept it. 

It was a beautiful day! Lots of sunshine and a cool sea breeze.

 Unfortunately, the lighting wasn't in the most favorable position outdoors, so we opted for an indoor photo-op with B's awesome spring decor :)